Quaker First Love


My pleasure is to abide by his will. So, I follow the Sabbath, though I am uncertain how it’s meant to be practiced. Even so, my LORD loves me and will teach me his ways when I am capable of understanding.  

My joy is to know his presence in me. His silent presence bathes me in love for a time or two. He knows exactly my thoughts; though I am much better in following his will now, his sometime rebukes at once sting me, yet leave me thanking him for raising me up. He is the Father who loves his children.

Come all you lovers of God. Let our love for him shine like the ancient stars when we first knew they were his voice. Let us sing to him how we came to love him. Let us rejoice in his commands as we live to be righteous. Let us say to all, Come join us today. Come know the LORD; he’s not far off. Come and he will teach you more than you can imagine. He will open doors evolution never dreamed of.  

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