I wanted to commune with the LORD this day of worship. When the time was open, I blurted inwardly, there is only one God but three that bear record. Inwardly, my eyes saw not a face but Jesus, who stood aside from the Two. He did not speak, but I sought to recall what I had learned of him  from reading scripture. I said to him, Sometimes you are angry; sometimes you are loving and caring. Sometimes you are discussed with the disciples because they can’t understand what you say.

But I know you from the Old Testament, too. I have heard you tell the people to do all they are told; I have heard your anger when they have not done what you had said to them. I have cried from your hurt when Israel and Judah loved their idols instead of you. I understood your anger. I know your strong arm when you liberated your people from Egypt. I saw your hand as the people praise you. I saw your hand across my inward eyes. Amazing. But no one will believe me, except you. I hear of your power. I hear of your love. I hear of the mountain of the LORD and I go there.

Your Voice is in me.


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