Quaker First Love


Dear friends and brethren,

The seed (Jesus) of God feel all in yourselves, which is the heir (Jesus) of the power of God, that ye may sit down in the possession of the same; inheriting the power, and the promise, and the gospel. In which power of God is the fellowship, being heirs (we) of the same, and members of that fellowship which never hath an end, which brings life and immortality to light [2 Tim 1:10]; which power of God was before that was which darkeneth (Satan) life and immortality from people. So walk in the truth [e.g. 3 Jn 1:3f], then ye walk with the God of all truth [e.g. Psa 31:5]; and walk in the righteousness, and then ye walk with the righteous God in all peace. Walk in holiness, and then ye walk in that in which ye see God; which they that do not (walk with God), see him not [Heb 12:14]. Therefore walk in the power of God, which goes over the power of darkness (Satan), which (God) was before it (Satan) was; which power of God is the gospel [Rom 1:16], in which is the mystery of the fellowship [Eph 3:9] a mystery (I say) to all the fellowships that are out of the power of God. Therefore the seed (Jesus) of God know, which is the top-stone (Jesus), that it may be over all laid in you, which bruises the serpent’s head [Gen 3:15], which is the fulfilling of the prophets and prophecies; which seed (Jesus) brings to the beginning, where are the pastures of life [Ezek 34:14]… 

G. F.

As I was giving meaning to some of Fox’s words, I felt a presence of joy in the fellowship, the fellowship of God’s people every place and time. And then the Holy Spirit opened to me the mystery of the Fellowship. Our love of Jesus and his love for us makes us different from the world. Any where in the world in fellowship we are one in Jesus.

The words we speak to one another are not given to nonbelievers. When we talk about the Bible, we say Scripture. We know Biblical people, places, times. We know scripture books, chapters, and verses. But more than anything, we know our LORD God. We know we can talk to him and tell our friends in fellowship about it, because we are in union together in Christ Jesus. Amen.