Second Month Note Book Thoughts And Provocations

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By eating came death; by eating comes life.

Maybe, when Adam and Eve ate from the tree in disobedience to God, they unleashed Satan? Maybe Satan was under control when he tempted them, knowing that if they disobeyed God he would be unleashed? Maybe Satan was like a virus and they facilitated his release to infect mankind? Maybe, Satan is mortal, too, but knew it, and wanting to be God, was then set, after Adam's disobedience, to get them to eat from the Tree of Life; but God intervened to prevent it and made it clear to Satan that he was mortal by telling him he would eat dust; in other words, he would eat his doings, i.e., evil--that he, Satan the source of death because he woult never eat from the tree of life. By tricking Adam and Eve into eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, he, Satan, became the incarnation of evil and never good, because that (Good) is God. (1st day)

You have an ordered world, Lord, not a chaotic one. Man makes chaos. Does man leading man create order? (4th day)

So, if you are about to worship but you're in dispute with someone, forgo your worship until you go and end the dispute, then return to worship. Matthew 5:23,24 (8th day)

Are we not living in the Tree of Good and Evil? That thought came to me in my sleep. (11th day)

We repair that which will wither and die. We heal those that will die anyway. That is the materialist's view. But Jesus Christ heals us of our corruption so that we will not wither and die. That's why Fox talked about the doctors not knowing healing. (16 day)

So many thoughts this early morning. While still in bed my thoughts were concentrated on ugliness of evil and whether there is any beauty in this fallen world, whether beauty was an illusion. What is beauty anyway? Is it material or spiritual? What of the people who live in an ugly environment? Do they see it as ugly since it's all they've ever known? Or do they see beauty in it in the way I saw beauty in the gown in Uganda in the movie The Queen of Katwe with its colors and innocense of simple pleasures?

But then what of the ugliness of human nature, like that of the ghetto areas where boys are destructive of all things that might aspire to beauty or present beauty? Trapped in such an environment, what is your mental state? Are you capable of imagining beauty or recognizing it? Are the people capable of creating a spiritual beauty in a place or condition where so much human ugliness permeates the environment?

I read the autobiography of Booker T. Washington, Up From SlaveryHis early years were lived in a one room cabin with a dirt floor, I believe. I think he and his mother and siblings slept on some thing like a palate. His mother's belongings were sparse. I'm not sure she had cooking utensils. I think Booker didn't know about beauty. He did know about the "grape vine," a source of messaging as effective as any nowadays. Booker T. went on to get an education after emancipation. He became a well-known and respected man worldwide. He knew beauty as his life increased in prosperity. (22nd day)

When I got up from bed a had a sense of anxiety and later wondered why, where did it come from, since I had slept somewhat well through the night. While sitting at the kitchen table the parable of the tars or weeds came to mind. I thought, this is what happened to me overnight. The enemy during the night sowed anxiety-laden seeds in my mind. I knew what to do when I realized what had happened. My attitude changed for the better. Praise be to my Lord, Jesus Christ forever and ever. You must come meet Him. (22nd day)

Would you say beauty is an aspect of Truth? (22nd day)

My Lord, my Lord, Praise be to thee. Thou is all and over all. Blessed is my Lord.

Jesus is substance. The substance of which everything is made. Man can create things, which are real enough, but the substance of those things he does not and cannot create. The substance of the things he creates he can't access for any of his purposes. The substance is immaterial. (25th day)

Like the woman who touched the hem of Jesus's garment, knowing with certainty that she would be healed from her affliction, we, too, can touch a piece of His garment and be carried along until we can walk with Him. (25th day) 

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