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Can it be that in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve had certainty; that they didn't have to wonder about anything? That they knew everything and had no doubt until Satan caused Eve to doubt? And Adam seeing Eve had not physically died immediately from her disobedience determined there was nothing to lose in eating the forbidden fruit?

Can a consequence of the FALL be doubt, uncertainty, anxiety from not knowing what tomorrow brings? That faith in what the LORD says or tells us is all we have to go on? And if we doubt it is the Devil who has our ear, as long ago? 

Can it be that Jesus is the substance of Faith? In reading this morning Matthew 26:47-55 my earlier thoughts on Faith were apropos to the scene of Jesus's arrest. I write scene because (I printed in the margin: the play or drama must be performed according to script) Jesus said to the one who struck at the High Preist's slave and cut off his ear: "Don't you know that I could call on my Father for help, and at once He would send me more than twelve armies of angels? But in that case, how could the Scriptures come true which say that this is what must happen?" Jesus repeats the necessity that all that happened was "to make come true what the prophets wrote in Scripture."

I had read of Jesus's arrest many times but never before connected it with Faith. But the Holy Spirit opens to us what we are capable of receiving. So that connection with Faith is manifest in Jesus's assertion that he could call on his Father for help. Earlier while praying in Gethsemane, Jesus asked for the cup of suffering to be taken away. He wrestled with this desire. Was Satan with him at that time tempting him again? Just knowing that he could call on his Father makes it seem that he would be vulnerable to that temptation. Had Jesus allowed himself the benefit of being typically human, salvation of God's treasured creation would not have come about. As a man Jesus had faith in his Father's promise. It was his Father who gave him the ability to perform in that all to real drama of pain and suffering.

So now I understand Jesus being the author of our faith. It is he in whom we must have faith in every word that comes from his mouth. He is the certainty. He is the tomorrow we can count on. Faith in him is like being in His Kingdom and only visiting Satan's world to ransom his captives. These thoughts are new to me and I have to think about them, especially the Faith part, because I have wavered in my faith. But the Lord was speaking to me this morning and I can't help praising Him, thanking Him, loving Him and most of all, wanting to please Him.

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