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Circa 2005

I love the Lord, he is my voice.

O Lord, I feel so closed to your presence, 

and yet I know you give me aid and comfort;  

I find joy, exhilaration, satisfaction, 

indeed power from your presence in my life.

I praise your gift--our Lord, Jesus Christ,

for he teaches me, counsels me.

He will not abandon me.

With him I can walk bravely,

confidently, righteously in this world.

So why then am I closed up like a house

at night against the cold and thieves,

or during the day against the heat and burglars?

I close my eyes to hear your voice,

and I fall asleep.

I open my eyes, yet fell dull.

My heart searches for the thrill of Your Presence,

the joy of Your Spirit with us, among us.

Why do I fold up like the fingered jewel weed

at the sound of some words from others mouthes?

Why aren't my ears open to the laments 

and entreaties of others?

Find me welcoming, Lord, and without excuses.

Let me speak of my love for the Lord

because He is my voice.

Without Him my words are like so many 

television shows and movies--

worthless and corrupting.

Without Him, my vision is blunted,

my hearing distorted, my judgment faulty.

Without Him I am not even one among the many

who are like birds lined up on a cable wire.

Without Him my presence fades

until not even my heart is heard.

I speak then of my love for the Lord.

He gives me everything.

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