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I was thinking in worship how i've wanted to to be freed from the constraints of the dictates from other sources. and thinking, envisioning in my mind going outward to some place, some lonely place to be freed from the constraints, the dictates and the lord let me see that it's not outward, the freedom is not outward and the freedom is not inward. the freedom is in him. And when the bible says, Jesus says, the truth shall set you free, well he is truth and he sets us free, free from those dictates that come in the world, the physical world, that outward. and He frees us from the inward. He frees us to walk with him who leads us, who, in other words, he doesn't dictate to us we just follow him when we are with him, in him, when we come to him he, that is, that is we are free, free from all the dictates of the world, of others, of the inward voice that is from satan, from the outward voice of satan, from the inward voice of satan we are free from all of that and we, we're not confined to specific ways of doing worship, rather worship is in truth and spirit and we can worship him as the spirit moves us to worship him, to praise him, to sing a song of praise or love, joy to him, we can pray to him, we can witness to others about him, encourage others to seek him.


I copied the above from recording what the Lord gave me as I struggled with the veil that kept me from his presence. The last of the recording I declined to copy as Spirit moved me to worship. All glory to my Lord.

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