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I wonder if heaven is like this: everyone plays games and no one cheats. No one even thinks about cheating. Cheating doesn’t exist.

And there are championship games but there are no prostitutes involved, no human trafficking; no sexual perversions at all. These ideas don’t exist in anyone’s mind.

There’s no anger over anything. No one has to be reminded not to be angry or reminded to be kind because anger and unkindness don’t exist in the hearts and minds of those who live in Heaven.

The above paragraphs are from 1st day, 4th month, 2017. Some weeks later, thinking on this same subject, I wrote the following paragraph.

In heaven, we won’t have to overcome anything, so we won’t be inventing things or making things to keep us warm or cool. We will enjoy the beauty and splendor of heaven which is an aspect of God. Its beauty and splendor will be so magnificent, we will want to own it and that which caused it.

This morning in worship I was reminded of something George Fox said more than once. The devil cannot get into God’s true religion: the religion he gave us when he told the Samaritan woman at the well: the hour is come, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth.

As Fox said, this true religion will keep you from the filth of the world. A religion that keeps you from uncleanness, Fox says, must be above the world. The devil can’t enter this religion because he is out of the truth.

The progression of my thinking recalled reading somewhere that Jesus said the kingdom of God was within us. [B]ehold, the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21

I’ve thought about the kingdom, too, and how we, walking into it, must learn the lay of the land. But this land is different. The Lord rather guided my contemplation as I considered all my above imaginings about what heaven might be like. If it’s in us, and Jesus is our inward teacher, our Light that informs us, then there’s no such thing as waiting for the day we die to go to heaven.

Christ can make us perfect, if we allow him, without spot, in this world. All the attributes I listed above exist in Jesus, and He is the one who perfects us, which is another doctrine the Lord opened to George Fox, which he shouted from the roof top. And this doctrine fits with “Christ is come to teach his people himself.” And he does. He teaches us the way to be if we allow him; if we own Him.

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