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Remind me again and again, Lord, that You are over all. Nothing happens without Your knowledge. All that happens is according to Your plan. 

For some days I put off worship until after I had read what I wanted to read and did what I wanted to get done. I rationalized my procrastination by telling myself it didn't matter to God what time I worshipped Him, but rather that I worshipped.

I'd been reading a book, Josephus, The Essential Works, edited by Paul L. Maier, in which are two accounts of the Jews: The Jewish War and Jewish Antiquities. I was reading Jewish Antiquities. I can't remember now the exact story (Moses or Joshua) when my transgression was laid open to me from what I was reading. I was dishonoring God with my procrastination. I was in fact telling God He was less important than my wants and desires. I was contrite. I vowed to give to God first. As I write these words I realize that upon rising my first duty then is to worship God, not at 8:45 AM, the time I had set.

Reading this morning a passage from 1 Corinthians I was reminded by my Lord and Teacher about love. I write the verse for you.

"I may have the gift of inspired preaching; I may have all knowledge and understand all secrets; I may have all the faith needed to move mountains--but if I have no love, I am nothing."  1Cor 13:2

That love would be for our fellow human beings, to share with them the Good News. For as Paul writes, if we have all this knowledge and understanding but don't share it with those who are walking dead but don't know it, we are nothing indeed, for we haven't sown any seed. We haven't brought anyone into Life.  

Is this why our Christian churches are emptying out? Is this why our children think legalizing marijuana is the best thing that has happened in their life? Yet, have we been trained to speak love to our fellow human beings?

Because we haven't been trained we fear doing what we know in our hearts is so urgent a task. I want very much to reach out to others, that's why I write this blog. I've wanted to reach out since before the day I prostrated myself before God in recognition of my willfulness and disobedience. But I have no training how to broach the subject; no discernment as to when the opportunity presents itself, and no measured courage to follow through.

Where is the church, the organization, that can give me help and hope?            

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