Alpha Rooster

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There is no power other than God's power.

The heavens have no power. They act according to God's will. They don't act on their own. They respond to His commands.

The animals and plants, the oceans and tides, rivers and lakes, the rocks, mountains, hills, and valleys, have no power; rather all adhere to their Creator's commands.

The seasons, wind, heat, cold, the tempest, typhoons, tornados, volcanos; the rain and droughts, the clouds, sun, and moon, have no power. All subject to His will. 

Man has no power, either. But among all His creation, man only rebels against God, who loves him most of all His creation. 

Man is a creature of God's work, yet he struts like an alpha rooster intimidating his rivals for the hens. He has no power but he thinks he has knowledge, wisdom, and ability to be as God. 

At the end of his days, he sleeps naked.

"...[A]nd the life was the light of men." John 1:4

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