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More and more you reveal my flaws to me, Lord. I knew I was self-centered--that you already showed me. But am I lazy, too? Or is it not laziness but an unwillingness to devote my time to doing your will? My pattern is to start something and then hand it over to someone else because I say I'm not a leader.

Doing God's will is more important than doing my will. Doing God's will means giving my time to accomplish His will.

In a Spirit Ordered Life you devote your time to doing God's will. Living in the Spirit is you planning your day and time but doing so according to God's way. Has He called you to live a Spirit Ordered Life?


Don't do anything out of the goodness of your heart. You have no intrinsic goodness. Your goodness comes from God. Any good you do is God working through you. Praise God for being a conduit of His goodness. If you seek to do good, consult God before you do.


"Put no more confidence in mortal men. What are they worth?" Isaiah 2: 22

Yes, no more confidence in mortal men who are not governed by God, their Creator. To acknowledge God as your Creator is to identify your relationship to Him. He's not just a god. He is the very source of your being and life. He is your Father. Not to acknowledge Him is to live as if you were a factory doll with no reality. Your words, your achievments are as dust.  

Those who commit evil suppress the seed of God in them. 


If only we could say in our culture today these words, "His righteous judgment," and know most people would understand them.

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