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When I was 24, maybe 25, living in California and in the military, abortion was in the news. I wrote a letter to the local newspaper in support of abortion. My reasoning was that a child unwanted would live a terrible life from mother-hate. The newspaper declined to print the letter because it was too caustic. I was incensed.

I'm reminded of a young woman friend I had in California before I joined the Air Force who was pregnant with her boyfriend's baby. She was about five months along. He wanted her to have an abortion. She didn't want it, which is why she was so far along. I can't remember the details but I think he wouldn't support her or maybe threatened to leave her if she didn't abort the baby. She had the abortion. I didn't see much of her after that. Either I went back to Michigan or the group I was associated with dispersed. I think about her now with sadness. I've learned that aborting a baby can be a life-long trauma for  the mother. I think back on how nonchalant I was then; truly not one capable of providing comfort or good advice. All I knew about life was what I heard from others, my age of course.

Just yesterday morning I for some reason thought about my great grandmother. She became pregnant by the son of a wealthy family she worked for. I'd known this story since I was a girl because it was my grandfather she birthed. Part of the story was how cruelly my grandfather had been treated by the man his mother married and had children with. Perhaps that's where the idea of an unwanted child living a terrible life came from. But I don't know that his mother didn't want him. The step-father didn't.

But what I was really thinking about recalling this family history is that I wouldn't have any history had abortion been sanctioned back in the day. Had my grandmother aborted her little boy I would not be. Which made me realize abortion isn't the loss of just one baby but of generations. So that statistic of a billion aborted babies since the 1920s is not an accurate count. One has to allow for the generations most of the babies would have spawned had they been allowed to live. It's very troubling and much more of a human tragedy than we are willing to admit. 

We hide our evil from ourselves by calling it good. My Lord, let us seek You that we might learn Your ways. Scour the ugliness from our minds that we might hear Your voice. You can make us clean if You want to, and You have said to us, "I do want to."

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