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Prior to attending Norristown Meeting I sat for preparation for meeting for worship. Starting with the brief prayer that my reading be profitable to worship that morning, I found myself unable to give way and instead waited. Here's why: the Lord opened to me my anger. In that moment of opening, He gave me words. This blog are the words.

Many who self-identify as Quaker are unaware that Quakers are Christian; so when a Quaker comes in the midst of them and speaks the things of God, as all Quakers do per the command of Jesus Christ, these nominal Quakers are incensed. They go so far in their indignation that anyone would speak the Gospel (which suggests to them to forgo their personal religion and seek Jesus Christ) that they willfully persecute the Quaker in their midst.

Granted, the persecution isn't yet of the caliber that early Quakers suffered. I say "yet" because the self-identified Quakers are blind in their darkness without Jesus Christ, but claim to hold the Light, as if it were a product to be purchased upon declaration of being Quaker. Their blindness in their darkness as captives (slaves) to Satan leads them to believe they are a loving, peaceful, caring, just, and good people. Without Jesus, they cannot see themselves as they really are: a political group with prejudice and agenda. With prejudice and agenda there are likes and dislikes. Those persons or entities disliked come to be seen as enemies. Enemies are to be done away with in some form. Persecution is one form. Ridicule another; banishment and death are the ultimate solution for those captives of Satan. And they justify to themselves their persecution, etc by saying to themselves the disliked one(s) deserves maltreatment.

All persons who do not own Jesus Christ in them are vulnerable to Satan's darkness unto their destruction. The Quaker message is and has always been to draw people out of darkness and to the Light and life, who is Jesus Christ. [Where there is no persecution]

I write this paper as a witness to the persecution I suffered from Red Cedar Friends Meeting in Lansing, Michigan. What was my infraction? Doing the will of the Lord who sent me there. They abhorred my messages of Truth and warned me against speaking them. They prevented me from attending meeting for worship. They finally barred me from the building they call a Quaker Meeting. I say they barred George Fox, Margret Fell Fox, Isaac Penington, Robert Barclay, George Whitehead, Mary Dyer, John Woolman, Lewis Benson, Terry S. Wallace, etc. from the Meeting.

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