May I Do The Work You Have Given Me

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Lord, may I do the work you have given me faithfully. I have said and written, I love the Lord, He is my voice. You are my words. I have nothing to say but that it comes from you. All my words in my days of apostasy are dust. In my days of apostasy I ate dust. But you, Lord, raised me up from the grave. You washed me in the softness of gentle rain. I knew your carress and welcomed it. I knew your love and reveled in it. You made me whole and worthy when I was timid and alone. 

Your love I craved to open to others. In my joy I shouted "Here is my Lord, Hear Him." In my urgency I wrote the story of my steps and missteps, so you will know He is salt and light. Come now! Come now! Don't delay, for every moment is a day without Him. Every day without Him is an eternity of sorrow. The sorrow of ugliness in a dying world with no hope of change. For change is in the Lord, not in the world.

Come, come now. Lord, I will quake in the fear of you when I stand before the dust eaters, but they will not be my stumbling block. For you are with me; your rod and your staff will comfort me 'til I dwell in your house forever.

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