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June 19, 2011 Worship

Still, I find parts of the Gospel confusing. I find some of  Jesus's teachings confusing. Some of his teachings I could not explain or paraphrase because the gist of them is unclear to me. I will wait upon the Lord to provide me with substance and meaning. Yet, one meaning does come to mind: what I learn in private is to be told, shouted from the rooftops.

Why the disparity, Lord, between the image of you I get from reading the Gospels and that I get from experiencing you?

I fear asking these questions, even having these thoughts. Help me, Lord, to understand. I ask for clarification. Don't let my weak mind lead me ahead of your revelation.

When you come to the church God made, be prepared to become a seeker. When you become a seeker, be prepared to find.

When you find, be prepared to knock on the door. When you knock on the door, be prepared for it to be opened and you welcomed in.

When you go in be prepared for a crowd of people. When you go among the crowd, be prepared to have questions.

When you ask questions, be prepared that none but the Lord can answer. When the Lord answers be prepared to be purified in the refiner's fire.

When you are purified be prepared to die to the Law. When you die to the Law, be prepared for rebirth in the Spirit.

When you're reborn in the Spirit, be prepared for Christ as your Lord and teacher. When you know Christ is your Lord and teacher, be prepared for JOY!






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