When God is Happy

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Ever hear these truisms: when mom is happy, everybody's happy? Or, happy wife, happy life?

I was thinking about these truisms as a way to ease into today's blog post. I was asking myself what these two claims say about women as mother and wife. They tell us--especially the mom one--that she's the power in the home; and from my perspective, rightly so.  I won't go into my reasons for seeing it that way because I have something more important in mind.

The reason I had thought of those two truisms is God. When God is happy with us, we are happy. Making God happy is not as easy as making Mom happy.

But what brought me to the analogy? Doing God's will; more than that actually. Submitting to God's will entirely, as having no will of one's own.

But what brought me to considering that? Defying God. I was contemplating that as sinners, we defy God first thing. 

I was thinking of my own willful defiance of God which I nurtured until I acknowledged my sinful self. My great desire now is to please God as Jesus pleased God--

Which thought had its origin from listening to Greg Koukl explaining the idea of election to a caller the day before, which disturbed me for the rest of the night;

Which disturbance I battled with knowledge of God through personal experience, and Quaker renunciation of election, and asking Jesus to help me know and be confident in that knowledge--

when a small, still voice said to me, as much as you like to think you do God's will, you're not nearly as close to doing it as you believe. Suddenly, Paul's or somebody's admonition to pray for those in authority came to mind.

Now I had just read earlier that day excerpts from Dr. James Dobson's letter in which he used the phrase "those in authority" in referring to government. I countered angrily, they're not our authority. We're their authority.

So when this still, small voice spoke about praying for those elected and appointed officials, I bristled. I experienced inside myself the feeling I can only characterize as a dog planting his feet and not moving.

I was fighting against God. I wanted to make excuses. Why should I pray for people I loathe? Why should I pray for people I believe are destroying this country? Why should I pray for liars, thieves, cheats?

I realized or rather He caused me to see my obedience, my submission to His will was conditional.

I was immersed in His call to prayer. I went and prayed. 

During this day, this week, I prayed Jesus, my beloved Teacher, would help me learn, help me practice submitting to God's will entirely, without question, without thinking, without analysis, as did He.

Intellectually, I can go there. In fact, I'm already there intellectually. In truth and spirit, that's a different reality.

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