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Our lives are real, but they're also spiritual. And the spiritual is the more important of the two, as it is the substance of everything. Without substance there is no real, ergo, the spiritual is reality.

So everything in our lives, everything that happens in our lives, every act we do in our lives has a meaning, a spiritual meaning just as the Bible does. The stories, the people, their actions recorded in the Bible are real and have a meaning, a spiritual meaning. And the meaning was for the people involved and for the people coming after them, right down to the present time.

That's why pretending to have power to jettison what was and has been is untenable. To jettison the reality and meaning of what came before is not unlike drifting without an anchor in a vast, lifeless ocean or floating untethered in breathless space. You can't jettison substance, which is the reality of all things. But you can confine yourself to the meaningless void which begets no reality, ergo, no life.

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