I Had A Vision

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I had a vision of a long line of deniers and rejecters waiting their turn to come before the Judgement. The fellow before Jesus now stood mute as He recounted to him all that he had done--the good and the bad. 

The fellow wanted to smile when he heard the good but a shadow darkened his face as the Lord spoke the bad. The fellow couldn't deny the the bad but he gasped as Jesus revealed the fellow's deepest held secrets. He hardly allowed himself to think of them they were so verboten. What could he say? Jesus knew his darkest secrets. There was no where he could hide them anymore. 

Oddly, his spirit was relieved for the first time in decades. The relief he felt was like a caressing, gentle rain cleasing him. Oh why hadn't he felt this way before? 

Then his spirit quickened and he was filled with joy and a love for Jesus before him. "Oh my Lord, my Lord," he cried. "You are God. You are my God." 

The fellow fell to his knees and kissed the feet of Jesus. "You are my God, you are my God," he wailed, still kissing Jesus' feet. "I've been wrong all these years. I've been wrong. But now I've found you. No, no, you were with me all the time but I didn't want you. Now I want you. Only you. I love you. I never loved you before. I didn't think I could ever love you--this Love, I've never known this Love. If I had known this Love before--"

Jesus stopped the fellow. "What would you have done?" 

The fellow stood up and looked at Jesus. "Nothing," he confessed, closing his eyes. "But now I love you to the point where I can't get on without you."

Jesus looked at the fellow, sharing his grief. "I know," He said. "And you knew, but you chose not to believe this judgement would ever come. You chose to accept what others said, that no loving God would condemn anyone to Hell. You wanted to believe your enmity toward God would be miraculously overlooked because God is Love. But He is also Truth and He made it clear what He expected of you and what would happen if you disobeyed Him."

The fellow nodded, locked his fingers behind his head, turned and followed the Angel away from his only Love. As the fellow walked along side the seemingly endless line of people awaiting their turn at Judgement, he heard wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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