Three Days' Pearls

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6th Day

Can we rightfully complain about anything in this world? Did not the Lord let me see that because the world was corrupted from the Fall, evil runs rampant? That we expect anything different is amazing. Christians, however, have hope; atheists have no hope.

7th Day

Where did I read, what passage in scripture did I see a verse that implied--if not stated directly--that only Jesus Christ can free us from prison, as was done for Peter, the apostle. 

8th Day

Prison is darkness. Only the Holy Spirit can open the chains that bind us in darkness.

All are bound in darkness until we are redeemed through the grace of God.

What if someone doesn't want to be freed from the prison of darkness?

Christ teaches us what no man can teach us because no man knows our condition but Jesus.

Eph. 3:12

If we have the boldness to go into the presence of God through our faith and union in Jesus Christ, will we not have the boldness to speak truth in the presence of active disbelievers?

There is no glory for us on this earth. All our Christian doings are to the glory of God.

Anger, resentment, conceit, reciprocation, etc. warrant no place in Christian endeavors.

You've heard of the housing bubble and the next bubble. But the only bubble that truly exists our blindness to truth; truth of our condition; truth of evil that overlays all of creation.

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